segunda-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2019

A Blues Party

Pick up the guitar and play the blues
When the fellas joined it's to break the rules

One bottle of bourbon, one bottle of gin
Plug the amps and bring the beer

Play slow in the jukejoint
Yeah harmonica you get my point

Listen Buddy Guy and Burnside
Call it Muddy Waters blues don't die

The sun is hot as a barbecue
The sound is crazy we call it blues

Call my baby and the neighborhood
And tell everyone don't forget the food

The night is coming and people don't stop
Drums like thunder the party is hot

The music is high so even my mind
Two drunk man start a fight

A knife shines, a bottle neck cuts
A workman lies in his own blood

The party is over when police arrive
It was the end of a real blues night

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